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    Pre-wash activator

    Pre-washing removes superficial dirt, dust, road salt and slush, which could damage the paint during manual washing.
    The advantage of pre-cleaning Is the effective softening of dirt and lifting them on the surface of the foam, which stick to the car body and penetrates deep Into the fissures and nooks.
    Thanks to this, we can remove preliminary Impurities without manual contact, which protects the car body during further cleaning.


    Snow foam for general cleaning

    Active foam for special tasks.

    The strong cleaning agents penetrate deeply Into the din structure, dissolves and removes It from the surface of the vehicle.

    The product creates a dense, firmly sticking foam that ensures rapid action.

    The product can be used for thorough washing of cars, large-surface vehicles etc. trucks, trailers or machines.

    Recommended dilution: 1-3%.


    Wheels cleaner

    Highly concentrated product for thorough cleaning of rims.
    An alkaline formulation that perfectly cleans any kind of rims.
    The advanced composition guarantees effective removal of road dirt, emulsifies the stubborn stains and allows you to regain perfect cleanliness In every corner of the rim.
    Recommended dilution: 10-20%.


    Brush shampoo

    General washing allows you to remove all mobile dirt left behind after pre-washing with active foam.
    The composition of cleaners guarantees the dissolution of stubborn din, and at the same time does not affect the quality of the car paint.
    The concentrated composition ensures high efficiency and excellent value for money.

  • NG – 3 IN 1 VASKS

    NG – 3 in 1 WAX

    The last step during car washing Is applying protective coatings.
    Their goal Is to protect and shine the car’s body.
    An effective formulation should guarantee perfect water beading, protect against harmful substances (bird droppings, acid rains, road salt) and significantly facilitate next cleaning.
    In addition, it should Improve the texture of the bodywork and give It an excellent gloss.
    The achievements of chemistry have allowed us to obtain a product combining all these functions In one product.
    Recommended dilution: 0.5-1%.